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About Us

Founded by three veterans of The Rochester Group, Roc Group Software builds on the ensemble appoach developed there. Drawing from a diverse set of skills and backgrounds, we are not just software developers. In fact, we believe that our core value is our ability to learn our customers' business and partner with them to develop the right systems to enhance their efficiency and profitability.

Robert Miller

As a business leader, Bob likes to do it all. He has developed high performance database software for call routing, and has led a fast growing software business.

In the last few years, Bob co-founded Floodbroker, a flood insurance provider, and worked with Entre Computer Services, helping their customers choose, develop and maximize the value of their software applications.

In everything he does, Bob is involved in leadership, strategy and operations, and regularly gets in the weeds, writing the code.

Dan Donnelly

Dan has held posts in management, account management, software development and business analysis in very large and very small companies. His greatest passion is for business analysis.

Working with our clients, Dan dives deep to understand the process behind the business, find value and determine where steps can be automated or improved. He translates our clients' needs to system specifications.

Dan is the central player in our promise to develop the right software for our clients.

John Knowles

John is an experienced IT project manager with a big difference. He also coaches collegiate women's lacrosse, and high school girls lacrosse and soccer professionally.

So while keeping track of priorities and deadlines, John always has his eye on motivating his team and keeping them at maximum performance. John calls his approach 'Common Sense Solution Delivery.'

Reflecting our philosophy, his focus is on improving our clients' operations while maintaining a transparent software development process.