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Common Sense Solution Delivery

Users know what they want when they see it and not before. Roc Group Software combines user centered business analysis, rapid application development and tight project management to deliver a working pilot system, ready to support the business.

Even if further development is required for scalability or IT compliance, we believe the final system will cost less, take less time and better meet requirements than one developed using a traditional approach.


  • Understand the vision and work to support it.
  • Live interaction to understand each unique pain point.
  • Live interaction with stakeholders to identify the business processes affected.
  • Understand the users and give them a reason to use the system.


  • Continuous user experience and feedback.
  • Automated release process for rapid delivery.
  • Not "silo-visioned," built to be flexible.
  • Design supports organizational vision and strategy.
  • Cutting edge, not bleeding edge.


  • Deployed on industry leading cloud platform provider.
  • Refinement loop continues with real users.
  • Uniquely tailored Common Sense Delivery Process provides status and tracking throught the entire process.
  • Coaching and mentoring to make execution a positive growth experience.
  • Bring value at every step.