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Our Work

Our approach of customer focus and value creation has led us to work with sales and marketing organizations. We have extensive experience with quote to cash systems, customer portals, sales force management and sales and marketing data analysis at companies both very large and very small.

Even if your end goal is a customized off the shelf system, working with Roc Group Software will enable you to quickly and cost effectively refine and finalize your system requirements, and demonstrate the value of your application idea.

Quote To Cash

A Fortune 50 manufacturer with a sophisticated configured product line was struggling with a legacy system that was yielding 15% order accuracy, leading to extensive rework and customer frustration. Several attempts had been made to replace the system costing hundreds of millions of dollars, and failing to deliver.

Originally hired to produce a "skunkworks" system for a few products, the Roc Group team was eventually chosen to replace the system for the entire product line. Focusing on guided order creation and providing clear value to the user, our system was reengineered and adopted by some six thousand sales reps, and resulted in more than 99% order accuracy.

Sales Management

Based on our experience with enterprise sales force management, we pioneered data driven territory configuration. Based on public and proprietary customer data, with custom productivity models, this tool allowed our customers to match their sales resources with their market opportunity, increasing sales productivity.

One customer, in the mobile communications industry, reported a 30% increase in sales growth within six weeks of their first alignment using the system. This was accomplished without increasing headcount, and made use of idle call center time to sell to lower value prospects. Dedicated sales people were directed to higher value opportunities.

CRM Customization

An insurance agency specializing in private market flood insurance was hamstrung by generic off the shelf insurance agency software. They paid dearly for unneeded functionality, and the 'one size fits all' design meant they dealt with unnecessary complexity. A small but sophisticated company, they suffered from poor provider support.

After a study of their unique requirements, we started with a bare bones customization of Zoho CRM and, over several months, tuned it to be the right solution for their business. The owner, a 30 year industry veteran, tells us it's the best agency management software he's used.